Wurzelwerk & Winzers Beitrag



They are some of the biggest names in their regions: Gunderloch in Rhine Hesse, Jurtschitsch in the Austrian Kamp Valley and von Hövel on the river Saar. Not only do these families own three of the most exciting terroirs in the world – they have three of the best Riesling locations, too! Recently, the new generation on these winemaker legends has decided to redefine terroir.



Who hasn’t been wondering for a long time what makes a good terroir: the soil? The climate? The grape variety? The vines? Or the technique and flora in the cellar? This question could soon be answered with the help of a bold idea the four young and far-travelled winemakers have had: “WURZELWERK & WINZERS BEITRAG” (ROOTWORK & VINTNER OBLIGATION). During the harvest of 2012, the four friends swapped parts of the crop of grapes from their best vineyard locations amongst each other – and created three fascinating Riesling variations each in their respective wine cellars.


Wurzelwerk & Winzersbeitrag

A project that was celebrated by the international press – and whose limited edition of 300 bottles sold out rapidly to enthusiastic buyers from New York to Stockholm. At the same time a project that appears to attract “serious interest” from the area of university research: A collaboration with the University of Geisenheim, for instance, is planned. Whatever the results may be – they are set to add fire to an already hot discussion in the wine scene.


Our part in the story is the concept of the project, its CI design, the packaging design, the web design, the design of promotional material, social media initiatives, photos, PR and sale activities.


„Bei der Arbeit mit Wineadventures spürt man den Spaß am Eindenken, Nachdenken, Querdenken und Ausdenken – und die Lust auf Abendteuer! Das ist die Grundvoraussetzung für dieses komplexe Weinprojekt bei dem 9 Weine aus 3 unterschiedlichen Weinanbaugebieten entstanden sind.“

Alwin Jurtschitsch
Alwin Jurtschitsch

Owner winery Jurtschitsch, Langenlois/Kamptal

„Diese Weine werden Legende bleiben. Und einiges aus dem Fundament reißen, was bislang fest zementiert schien.“
WELT AM SONNTAG, 15.11.2013

Manfred Klimek
Manfred Klimek

Manfred Klimek, Journalist (Die Zeit, Die Welt, BrandEins) & Fotograf