Wine Magazine “Schluck”


s c h l u c k, das anstößige Weinmagazin (transl.: swallow, the offensive wine magazine), is a German-language lifestyle magazine with a focus on wine. Independent, real and far away from Parker Point Paranoia: twice a year this magazine tells authentic stories, celebrates life and – above all – wine. The first edition was published on 16. September 2015.


We, the publishers, are: the founders of Wineadventures and inventors of WineVibes Julia Klüber and Paul Truszkowski – plus Art Director Christian Schärmer. Architecture, music, design, travel and good food and drink: the rich mix of topics is founded on our own diverse interests and spheres of activity. Wine is a steady companion throughout the magazine – but not necessarily a protagonist. Editor-in-chief is none other than Manfred Klimek.

Schluck illuminates the edges. Unconventional, true to life and without fear of breaking taboos it tells authentic stories about interesting people – inconvenient opinions, subjectivity and sarcasm included. The stories are matched with an unusual visual vocabulary and sublime photos.

The target group: epicureans with an affinity for culture and design. Established, urban, sophisticated and with a genuine interest in wine. The magazine serves the nerd and entertains the novice. It’s a declaration of belief in a new, young wine culture. A culture it wants to make come alive – as intensely and subjectively as possible.