The definition of luxury is changing – and the tourist sector is changing with it. The trend moves away from five-star hotels and towards simple, authentic, high-quality and regionally rooted indulgence. We believe that the best place for that is Bella Italia – or, to be more specific, South Tyrol – and this is why:

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Here, in the northernmost province of Italy, rustic alpine flair meets Mediterranean elegance; the remoteness of the mountains meets the liveliness of young, chic cities that are steeped in tradition. In short: the region offers perfect vacations for everyone, with or without a family or partner in tow. That’s what the innkeepers of the 29 VINUM HOTELS SÜDTIROL thought too, when they formed their group of the same name with one common denominator: wine!

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The hand-picked, family-owned hotels are all located right in the middle of the wine regions of South Tyrol and are run by passionate wine experts. All 29 hoteliers are at the same time winemakers or sommeliers – which explains their close ties with the winemakers of the region. Their wine cellars hold true treasures – many of them even outshining the stars of the South Tyrolean night sky.

Naturally, each hotel accompanies its love for wine with true passion in the kitchen, serving both traditional and creatively refined dishes. After all, South Tyrolean cuisine has for a long time been one that can effortlessly integrate all food trends into its foundation of high-quality, hearty produce.

VINUM HOTELS SÜDTIROL is the first and only hotel group in the region with a focus on wine. It features everything from three star to five star-hotels. Due to the fact that each hotel is run individually, they all have their very own orientation. In order to get the group’s multi-faceted offer across better and appeal to different target groups, we divided the 29 hotels in five categories:

      • WINE & WELLNESS: for those who are into rest and relaxation
      • WINE & AKTIVfor those who value health and physical activity
      • WINE & DESIGN: for those who are interested in design
      • WINE & ROMANTIK: for couples and lovers
      • WINE & TRADITION: for culture vultures

Italy - South Tyrol

What all VINUM HOTELS SÜDTIROL have in common: Here, you can really experience wine! The staring point is always the winemaker and his vineyard, followed by a stop in the cellars – some of them hundreds of years old, others refurbished and ultra-chic. The end of each tour is the tasting room, where it’s not uncommon for ever more exciting bottles to be opened…

We from wineadventures are responsible for the strategy for the German-speaking market, occasional creative impulses, PR and newsletter marketing.

Italy - South Tyrol

Curious? This is a list of all 29  VINUM HOTELS SÜDTIROL:

Klein Fein Hotel Anderlahn**** (Meran)
Hotel Girlanerhof**** (Überetsch)
Weingut Kloserhof**** (Überetsch)
Ansitz Plantischterhof***** (Meran)
Hotel Seeleiten***** (Überetsch)
Stroblhof**** (Überetsch)

Der Weinmesser – Hotel Restaurant****(Meran)
Panorama-Wellness-Hotel Feldthurnerhof***(Eisacktal)
Granpanorama Hotel Stephanshof**** (Eisacktal)
Taubers Unterwirt**** (Eisacktal)
Hotel Tschögglbergerhof***(Bozen)
Hotel Wilma***(Etschtal)
Hotel Kronsbühel***(Meran)

Boutiquehotel Feldererhof**** (Überetsch)
Designhotel Gius La Residenza**** (Überetsch)
Hotel Muchele**** (Meran)
MY ARBOR****(Eisacktal)
Hotel Saltus****(Bozen – from June 2019)

Waldner Oberwirt****(Meran)
Hotel Schloss Korb****(Überetsch)
Weingut Schloss Plars**** (Meran)
Romantik Hotel Turm***** (Eisacktal)

Elefant*** (Unterland)
Hotel Naturidylle Geyrerhof*** (Bozen)
Hotel Weingut Pacherhof**** (Eisacktal)
Hotel Paradies***(Meran)
Hotel Plattenhof**** (Unterland)

Maybe we’ll bump into each other during your next vacation in South Tyrol!
Until then: baci e abraci, ciao, ciao!
P.S.: By the way, you can order your copy of the VINUM HOTELS SÜDTIROL catalogue here!