Branded WineVibes


WineVibes: it’s the innovative event series in the most exciting cities in Germany that effortlessly fuses good wine and party. The goal: to make wine accessible to a whole new audience. To whom exactly? To “Urban Trendsetters”: epicures between the age of 25 and 45 with plenty of purchasing power and style. The original event concept has been a great success in cities like Berlin, Hamburg and Munich since 2011 – and literally screams for a single brand or wine region to become the centre of all communication. So far, we’ve done it once – for the wines from the Rhône region.



In May 2015, we realized a Branded WineVibes in Munich on behalf of the Côtes du Rhône and the communications agency Sopexa. The objectives were: to heighten the profile of the French region in the exceptionally italophile sales market that is Munich, to win a young target group over to the wines from the Rhône region and to find new distributors for vineyards. We would say that we achieved that: Many of our top trade, gastronomy and press contacts were amongst the party people, enjoyed the relaxed French atmosphere of the evening and were deeply impressed by the variety of the wines from the Rhône region.